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Top 10 Reasons that consistently cause Surplus products in the medical device marketplace.

  1. Surgeons depart and leave their preferred products behind.
  2. Surgeons’ preferences change. Surgeons’ repeatedly change their preference for certain surgical products. More and more, the facilities are stuck with a remaining balance of un-used inventory.
  3. Group Purchasing Organization’s change and new contracts dictate changes in products and OEMs. Oftentimes, the previous OEM’s inventory is left behind in the conversion.
  4. OEMs & distributors are making it more difficult to return products.
  5. Technology changes and improves. OEMs are constantly releasing new technologies that cause old technology to become obsolete.
  6. Your facility simply ceases to perform certain procedures.
  7. When your hospital switches OEMs, typically all other facilities in your network are switching to the same OEM.
  8. The Sales Reps for OEMs turnover and/or abandon the relationship.
  9. Poor Inventory management (First In, First Out) / Ordering errors. Product is spread over too many locations to keep track of it all. Besides the O.R. Core and main supply area, product can be spread throughout the operation rooms, labs, and surgical carts.
  10. Your staff does not have the time to continually deal with surplus inventory