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Surgical Product Solutions

SPS is a leader in providing cost-saving solutions for healthcare facilities across the United States who choose to save money without sacrificing quality of care. We accomplish this by providing hospitals and surgery centers two ways to save on their high-volume surgical disposables. We help our customers recover significant budget costs by purchasing their un-used, in-date surgical surplus while at the same time, providing them additional cost savings and flexibility when purchasing the same high volume products they are currently utilizing.

1 SPS provides a solution for surgical disposables when they become jeopardized and are no longer being used by the facility. This can be due to product conversions, contract changes, or physician departures. We purchase these surgical disposables that would otherwise remain un-used and eventually expire on the shelves of the OR, injecting cash directly into the hospital’s budget.
2 SPS acts as an independent distributor of un-used, in date surgical disposables. We can sell your facility high volume products that you are currently buying from top vendors, at an even greater discount from top tier pricing. We also provide the flexibility to purchase individual items in “eaches,” rather than in cases, which helps in the unique case of a preferential product that is outside your normal buying patterns (Physician Preference Item)—and avoids disrupting any contract compliances.

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